Five latest iPad Game Apps

Games takes a big part in iTunes store. While the iPhone changed how people think about video games, the iPad changed the limits of what we thought iOS game could do. Not only do all of the iTunes apps enjoy an even larger touch screen, but the iPad’s boost in processing power also helps make HD gaming possible on the way to work, school, or home. And, we’ve selected five latest iPad games that you can get from the App Store now.

1 Footy Flick 2011

The game, which has stunning 3D graphics is iPad and HD compatible. Users can custome the menu with their team colours and watch the flag for wind strength and direction.

2 GoatUp

GoatUp is easily the best goat-related platform game on iOS. Your goal is to raise a family – as high as you can! Kiss billy goats and eat grass to get kids. Keep jumping to lead your flock as high as you can. On the way you’ll encounter various enemies, pass through zones inspired by the history of platform gaming, and collect hundreds of unique bonus items.

3 Smash A Foe

Smash a foe is one of the world’s first Apps, where you create the pawn with "the built in" cam or the photo gallery and smash it down. Take control of all of your foes and nags and lead them to the promised land, add ´ya favourite voices, screams and excuses.

4 Yupi Fruity HD

Yupi Fruity is incredibly simple and highly addictive. It has 15 levels with 5 different worlds. You can control Yupi by tilting your device forward or back, left side or right side.
You can also jump above clouds and hamburger by pressing on the screen of your iDevice.

5 Elemites

Those mud-caked peasants doubted your might, but now you shall have your revenge with Elemites. Using mysterious newly acquired powers, you must raise a magical army of elemental minions. Vengeance will be yours.


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