EA announced that EA Taiwan will be merged with EA Hong Kong

July 4.news. The EA Taiwan announced that in order to match up the strategy adjustments in Asia ,the original customer service line of Taiwan and EATW Game Server will terminate service since July 1 . The EA will continue to communicate with Taiwan players through emails, bogs and other channels.

EA Taiwan said in a statement that EA Taiwan will be merged with EA Hong Kong and EA Hong Kong will act as Surviving Company. The EA will terminate all business activities of Taiwan and Huaxing Arts (华星科艺)will act as agent to distribute EA’s products.

The official website of EA Taiwan and its digital download platform Origin will continue operating in the future.

The EA Taiwan was founded in 1997 and it is one of the pioneers of foreign game company which set up branch offices in Taiwan. Besides being responsible for sales of game products and customer service, it also involve in Chinese localization of its game .The EA Taiwan also got the right agent of SQUARE and CAPCOM products.

The main product of EA Taiwan include :
【EA】: NBA Live FIFA Soccer Tiger Woods Need for Speed The Sims Battlefield Medal Of Honor Command and Conquer Dead Space Dragon Age etc .

【SQUARE】 Final Fantasy X (international version) Final Fantasy X-2 etc .

【CAPCOM】Resident Evil DEAD RISING Street Fighter Monster Hunter portable etc .

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