Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Hitting North America September 6

Nippon Ichi Software America today  announced that its fantasy turn-based game sequel Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten will be released on September 6 in North America, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Disgaea 4 will incorporate a graphical overhaul over the previous flagship installment in NIS’s quirky turn-based tactics role-playing series. And while the studio has also revamped the battle systems, it will retain many of the series’ most familiar aspects. 

The game once again takes place in a Netherworld, common in Disgaea titles, and follows the story of Valvatorez, a former tyrant and vampire who gave up on his powers and atrocities after promising never to drink blood again until he manages to instill fear into a girl he met 400 years ago, Astina, who died before he could do so. Due to the decline of his powers he was reduced to being the warden and Prinny Caretaker of the prison in the Netherworld. Displeased and angered at the corruption of the Netherworld’s rotten government, he rises up and seeks to overthrow it in order to take place as its Overlord. During his conquest he receives the aid of his loyal servant Fenrich, a fellow caretaker of the Prinny prison, and a young girl named Fuka, a middle-schooler who was killed by an artificial demon created by her father, Death Z, and was meant to turn into a Prinny, but was simply given a hat due to the lack of Prinny skin. Along the way they also recruit Emizel, the netherworld president Hagos’ son, Desco, the prototype of Death Z and a man-made demon created by humans to be the ultimate weapon who was abandoned in the prison, and Vulcanus, the "angel of avarice", an angel who is stealing money from everyone in the netherworld. After they defeat the president it is revealed that the netherworld’s decline is due to how it is actually being controlled by the secret ruler of the human world, a man who calls himself Nemo. They head to the human world where he is planning to use Death Z to destroy the world, and stop him by defeating her. He then heads to the moon where he has enlisted the aid of aliens and is planning to destroy it and thus exterminate life on Earth, but they stop him again, this time with the aid of the now-archangel Flonne. It is also revealed that Vulcanus is actually Astina, and that Nemo is seeking vengeance against all mankind for her death and cannot see her or any other angels because he no longer believes in God. After the destruction of the moon is stopped, his hatred for mankind grows so great that it activates the Lord of Terror, a system created by god to exterminate all life on a planet if it is deemed too dangerous due to the amount of hate on it. The group heads into the system and persuade Nemo until he can see and hear Astina, and he decides to sacrifice himself to stop the system. However, the group says that he’s just trying to run from his sins and saves him, saying that he should repent as a prinny.

In the post-game someone else takes over the Lord of Terror and starts changing the world, resulting in various people becoming president and the world changing to fit their wants and needs. These are Axel, who becomes a big star; Flonne, who gets the demons to spread love and peace; Raspberyl, who gets the demons to do volunteer work; Etna, who gets the main characters to become her servants and continuously praise her "nice body"; And Laharl, who tries to defeat Valvatorez to become the main character of the game. After defeating them the culprit finally gains full control of the Lord of Terror and reveals herself to be Asagi, who wants her own game. They defeat her and she joins, putting an end to the post-game story.

Other optional bosses are Prinny Kurtis, Priniger X (which does not join) and Zetta (in regular humanoid form), Zetta being the strongest regular (non-Land of Carnage) boss.
Baal does not make an appearance (his soul having been used in the creation of Priniger X), but the strongest sword is his Baal Sword. The strongest secret boss is Priniger X Gou at level 5000, unlocked after Zetta is defeated.


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