Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Release Date Leaked

We were hinted earlier in this April, that Capcom’s new entry for the horror action game series Dead Rising, the Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will launch in fall 2011. But recently an announcement suggested a clear date.

The publisher earlier posted an announcement on its Europe blog and Facebook page alike, stating that Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC will launch on October 11 in North America, and then in Europe on October 14. However, shortly after the post was removed for an unspecified reason.

Off the Record tells a different story with the same protagonist –Frank West, who was a photojournalist reporting on a zombie outbreak in the Las Vegas. The game took the combo weapon feature from Dead Rising 2, the photography feature from Dead Rising, and added new missions, enemies, items, environments etc, as well as some technical improvements, such as fewer load times, better network performance, save system and co-op modes enhancement as promised.


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