Conflict of concepts blocks the cooperation between Chinese and European games companies

Auguest 2, 2011

The China Game Business Conference (CGBC), which is growing up with China Joy, was held with its ninth China international digital interactive entertainment industry summit forum in Shanghai, July 27, 2011.The guests talked about the R&D, localization, operation and capital cooperation of European games.

The European games market is very diversified with over 20 different languages and cultures, which is not good for the communication of the games industry.

The Chinese games industry values a short-term development but not long-term support, which is not acceptable for European players; while operating only one game for a long time is very expensive for Chinese games companies.

Foreign guests suggested that small and medium games companies should rely on large companies, not only on capitals, but also technology and successful pattern.

The games industry has become a global industry and each market can work with each other. Thus games companies needn’t to develop different language versions of their games but only to localize their games with the help of local companies.

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