COG Presents the latest Trailer of War of Glory on E3


Los Angeles , Calif.  June 8 ,2011 / GameLook /On the first Day of E3 this year, COG, as a Chinese online game publisher, presents it's latest trailer of <War of Glory>.

The trailer shows a picture of the western fantasy world and a story about love and glory and war fire. A big selling point for <War of Glory> is the magnificent realm war, which will be definite refreshment to game players.

The trailer gathered lots of people on spot. The audience can play a fresh demo of <War of Glory> at the booth.

War of Glory is a western fantasy MMORPG, with fabulous 3D artwork, special social system and thrilling storyline. In War of Glory, there are 4 realms, 2 races and 8 classes for users to experience and enjoy.

On top of all the experiences, the magnificent realm war will be a definite refreshment to game players. There are two modes for realm war, one is Attack-Deffense Realm War, The war is initiated by the kings of two realms, and held on the filed of the defending realm. Users will find the schedule in quest list and users at different levels can join different realm wars.

The other is Occupation War between 4 Realms. This will occur on the neutral field and listed in quest list. Users at different levels can join different realm wars. The war result will be listed then, which will affect king reign, realm reputation, and user contribution to the realm.

“User interaction is the soul of online games” said Angel, “We strengthen the communication and cooperation part. We have Master-apprentice system, couple system and the Realms system.” COG promised there will be playable demo for E3. Anyone who is interested in this game could visit the booth of COG at E3, #2913 in the South Hall, or contact for an appointment.

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