CNNIC: China’s online gamers stood at 311 million in June, 2011

July 20, 2011

The statistics from CNNIC, the 28th Statistical Report on the Internet development, shows that China’s online gamers stood at 311 million in June, 2011.

Up to the end of June 2011, China’s online game user were 311 million, having increased 7.27 million comparing to the end of 2010, and the growth rate is only 2.4%. At the same time, the netizen utilization rate also dropped from 66.5% of late 2010 to 64.2% now.

Since 2010, China’s online gamers’ growth has entered a platform period: On one hand, games are becoming more and more the same after long time development, which results in tiredness and user-loss; On the other hand, online gamer base is very large now and the growth rate is relatively low.

In the future, it is important for China’s online games to differentiate with each other. As for game developers, they should make their games meet different gamers’ needs. The development of the mobile Internet is also a good opportunity.

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