Chinese Games Invade Korean Market

Recently Chinese game companies are making an inroad into Korean market. They are now trying to service their games directly in Korea rather than publishing Korean online game in their country.

The9, Kunlun, and Tencent are representative publishers.

Kunlun founded Kunlun Korea last June and kicked off CBT of today. It plans to launch 4 web games and 1 MMORPG within this year.

The9 also founded Korean branch this year and is preparing to hold a test within this year.

A giant game conglomerate Tencent is also moving into Korea. Tencent Korea has already been founded long time ago but had limitedly worked on searching Korean online games to publish in China or developers to invest.

However recent Tencent Korea is alledgedly working on publishing an online game by hire publishing experts away.

They would either service their own games to Korea or directly publish other developers’ game regardless of nation in Korea.

An official of Kunlun said ‘We are very eager to succeed in Korea where is the online game power. So we are aggresively investing the Korean branch. We are expecting to have as many as 100 employees at Kunlun Korea where currently 20 employees are working by this year.”


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