ChinaJoy2011:Director of General Administration of Press and Publication Shoushan Sun’s speech abstract in Chinajoy

July 28, 2011

In the past five years, China’s online game players have increased from 32.6 million to 75.98 million; the games market’s sales revenue has grown from 6.54 billion Yuan to 32.37 billion Yuan today; in 2010, 34 Chinese game companies entered more than 40 countries/regions with 82 online games, and the total revenue reached $230 million, up 111% comparing to 2009; Internet users have reached 785 million and mobile Internet users 378 million.

The Chinese government only licensed less than 200 game publishers from 2003 to July 2009; while in 2010 alone, 76 game publishers were approved by the government.

The future plan of the GAPP:

1. To promulgate administrative rules on online games’ approval as soon as possible;

2. To give private game companies more access to relevant qualification for publishing games;

3. To guide and support the online games industry to produce more high-quality games and reward such games;

4. To establish financial supporting mechanisms for the development of online games industry (GAPP has signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Telecom and China Mobile. The next step is to support mobile games companies’ cooperation with network operators);
5. To promote exports of China’s online games;

6. To strengthen management and provide an innovative industrial environment and effective copyright protection services to game companies.

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