Chinajoy2011 conference held: players can buy tickets through

Shanghai June 14, Today Chinajoy organizing Committee hold a news conference in Shanghai .The organizer of the exhibition announced some details about the latest preparation of Chinajoy and local government officials also gave a presentation of this exhibition.

GameLook learned that Chinajoy will in cooperation with Chinese biggest C2C Online Shopping in the news conference. This is first time that players can buy ticket through networks. The ticket will use RFID technique in this year to accelerate approach speed .At the same time, there will be a independent channel for media and professional visitors .Because the Chinajoy exhibition is held in summer, in this year a hall will be used as waiting area for audience waits for the approach .These measures is to ease congestion in Chinese biggest Game Show.

Other two B2B exhibition CGDC and CGBC which is in relation to the game industry will be hold in other places. If anyone who is interested in Chinese game industry, you can take part in these two activities.

What I feel most to Chinajoy is the crowd .A lot of people flock in Chinajoy .I need to spend 2 hours buying tickets and you may need one hour to waiting for the approach.

Every enthusiastic player can get something in Chinajoy. You can get poster, toy, T-shirt, etc from Chinese game companies for free. The game companies will make some creative gifts for players. Last year, the most creative gift is a “small cart” from Shanda Games. You can transform “small cart “into a stool .It make mostly every players had one small cart and it because Shanda Game’s ads. This is the funniest idea in last year.

What will happen in this year? Just wait and see what happens.

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