ChangYou Offers Duke of Mount Deer’s Open Beta Today

July 22, 2011

ChangYou (NASDQ:CYOU)’s Duke of Mount Deer is finally announced open beta today, from the previous reports we’ve learnt that many giant numbers and well-known names that are indicated directly to the game’s vast expense in self-developments, cooperations and operations. I can barely count how many events have been issued to the game in these half of the year. We’ve got the game’s movie, a professional team that working on the CG and music part, several gameplays which are claimed as features by official, and so on.

Let me once again remind you the numbers in case you may forget, firstly we’ve got “600″, that’s the number of the developers including Chinese and Korean. Secondly it’s “4″ and “80,000,000″, the first means the years spent on development while the latter indicate to the total expense in RMB. The last one, “256″, describes a public world of a huge container for all-server players, is 256 times larger than a traditional world in the game.

In HERE i have a fully description of the game when its last closed beta announced, check for some general knowledges of the gameplays, graphics, classes and also the movies(VIA:178)

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