Changyou’s DDTank to End Service on and 9You and 9You have published announcements on the closure of DDTank, but the game still runs normally on Baidu and From Baidu’s search traffic, the game hasn’t shown any abnormalities so far.

According to insiders, the cooperative sides haven’t reached an agreement on the profit distribution, which resulted in the shutdown of DDTank on the above two sites. Nevertheless, 9You expressed it was due to the expiration of contract. It is conjectured that Changyou will make a change on DDTank’s future business model.

DDTank set the highest record of 350,000 concurrent users in Q4, 2010 and has been made into 9 languages. Up until now, the game has been launched on Facebook and operated in China by more than 50 publishers.

Generally, social sites and game developers respectively share 52% and 48% of the game profits in China.

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