Binary Domain Hitting North America February 14

Japanese game company Sega has announced that its squad-based third-person shooter Binary Domain will be released on February 14 in North America, February 17 in Europe for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The creator of Binary Domain is Toshihiro Nagoshi, who created the Yakuza video game series. The development team acclaimed for the Yakuza series aim to appeal to a global audience and has been working closely with Sega Europe and its producer Jun Yoshino.

The game will feature the rocket-sliding mechanic used in the 2010 game Vanquish, previously published by Sega. You can issue commands to your squadmates either by using buttons or voice via headset. Trust plays a part in story mode on how the squad views the player via the Consequence System, which shapes their opinion on their leader based on how the player performs in the game.

The story of Binary Domain is set in Tokyo in the year 2080, a time when humans are locked in battle with robots. In the game, players take control of a human peacekeeping team set on regaining control of the city. However, as the peacekeepers continue their fight against the robots, they begin to ponder whether or not they are becoming robotic or robots are becoming human. 


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