Bastion Coming to PC August 16

Supergiant Games has recently announced that its action role-playing game Bastion will be released on  August 16 in North America for PC via Steam as a digital download. Its availability will expand later in the month when the game is released on other PC download hubs.

The game takes place in the aftermath of the Calamity, a catastrophic event that suddenly fractured the world as people knew it into many pieces and led to an infestation of hostile creatures. Players take control of the Kid, a silent protagonist who awakens on one of the few remaining pieces of the old world and sets off for the titular Bastion, where everyone agreed to go in troubled times. He finds almost nothing left upon arrival, but is told by a wise old man that together, they could build something special. The Kid then embarks on a quest to reconstruct the world the way it used to be, while the old man narrates his adventure and provides details on what exactly has happened.

Bastion is an action RPG with a level structure. As a hero known as the Kid, the player moves through fantasy-themed environments that form paths on the fly. The protagonist travels to many unique locations other than the Bastion, including forests, bogs, and a volcano. As the player progresses through each level, the player grows stronger by finding more weapons, materials to upgrade those weapons, and by gaining experience from defeating enemies. At the end of most levels, the player collects cores (which allow the player to add a building to the Bastion) and Shards which allow the player to add a secondary level to said buildings. Between levels, the Kid visits the Bastion, where he can use the ‘Minerals’, the game’s form of currency, he has accrued to buy materials and upgrade weapons. Here, he can use establishments, such as a shrine, an armory and a distillery.

In between missions, the player can engage in challenge courses designed to test the player’s abilities at using each of the weapons the player has found. The challenges differ depending on the weapon. For example, the hammer, one of the weapons in the game, has its own challenge course where the player must destroy a certain number of objects with it within a given time.
As well as challenge courses, the player can test weapons and and loadouts by selecting any one of three journeys to "Who Knows Where," to be selected when at the Bastion via three items the player finds as they progress. The first item found is a large smoking pipe; the second a large cooking pot; the latest a bed roll. These trips to Who Knows Where prompt the Kid to fight increasingly tougher waves of enemies, each trip featuring different types found in each of the three general areas of his journey. For example, the pipe has the Kid fight enemies like Turrets, Scumbags, Gasfellas, and squirts, while the cooking pot has him fighting wild creatures like Pincushions, Wallflowers, and Stinkeyes. In between each ensuing wave, Rucks will tell the story of how one of the three youngsters came to the Bastion. The pipe tells the backstory of the Kid; the cooking pot of Zia’s; the bedroll of Zulf’s. The player earns minerals and experience for each wave completed and each enemy slain.

The game incorporates a unique feature called ‘dynamic narration’. Rucks, the old wise man (voiced by Logan Cunningham), serves as the game’s narrator. As well as delivering story exposition, he will constantly give different commentary based on the player’s actions and style of play – for example, he might remark upon the player’s affinity for a certain weapon if said weapon is used frequently during battle.


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