Bao Yueqiao , Former Creator Back to Ourgame

July 14 , 2011

Ourgame just made a public statement on July 13, announcing that Bao Yueqiao, the creator of Ourgame had come back to Ourgame and retaken his position as a member in the board of directors.

In December last year, Beijing WDWF (Wei De Wo Fu) Investment Limited bought shares of Ourgame from Searainbow Holding and NHN, Ourgame’s Korea-based owner, turning Ourgame back to a 100% Chinese online-game company from a joint venture. After the acquisition, the new owner began to invite Bao back to Ourgame.

Bao created Ourgame with Jian Jing and some other members in 1998, but left in 2007. Ourgame has progressed really fast ever since its foundation. Now it has even made an IPO plan.

One interesting story about Bao and Ourgame is that Tencent also obtained assistance from Bao when it was in the star-up phase. The first batch of QQ (the most popular chat tool in Mainland now) users were mainly from Ourgame, which could mean Bao had helped Ma Huateng (the creator and current CEO of Tencent) with the promotion of QQ. However, what Bao did not expect is that QQ became the biggest rival of Ourgame just after a few years.

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