Anonymous releases HackerLeaks for hacker

Earlier this week members of the hacker, the People’s Liberation Front (PLF),  released two new leaking sites. They hope to receive documents through an anonymous submissions channel and then distribute them to the press to get “maximum exposure and political impact”.

According to one of the hackers Commander X, on Tuesday the leaking site got its first submission: a list of the personal details of Orlando officials including addresses, home values, incomes and other data.

“These are the folks that wrote and are enforcing a very brutal law against very poor people,” Commander X, who says he is serving as the current “editor in chief” of the two sites, wrote to me over instant message. “They themselves appear to be very very rich, so we thought we would point that out.”

And why is a leaking site necessary for hackers, who have lately used sites like Pastebin to publish information on their own? “We just wanted to make our own offering, compete in the disclosure marketplace and maybe fill a unique role if we can,” blogs Commander X. He argues that part of that unique role is that HackerLeaks will be legal, despite publishing hacked materials. “We don’t obtain this material. We merely publish it. This violates no sane law anywhere.”

Commander X describes himself as “field commander of a global cyber militia” and says that he has had some part in Anonymous operations that have involved attacks on Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal in retaliation for their severing ties with WikiLeaks, as well as attacks on the governments of Tunisia, Iran, and Egypt.

Commander X’s group of Anonymous isn’t the only one that’s getting into the leaking game. The last release from the hacker group LulzSec included half a gigabyte of data from AT&T.

As part of its ongoing campaign known as AntiSec, aimed at exposing corporate and government data and humiliating security firms, one Anonymous twitter feed suggested earlier this week that leakers contact the group over IRC to leak insider secrets, “If you are working for a corrupt government/company,” wrote one Anonymous twitterer, “Leak the data.”


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