Analysys International: Chinese Mobile Online Game Users Stood at 24 Million in Q2, 2011

July 20, 2011

The statistics from Enfodesk, the Seasonal Survey of Chinese Mobile Internet Business in Q2, 2011, recently released by Analysys International, shows that Chinese mobile online game users stood at 24.17 million in Q2, 2011, with a sequential growth rate of 3.64%, the rising speed is slowing down.

Analysys International believes three factors contribute to this slowing down:

1. Smart phones’ price has not significantly reduced. High flow rates, low speed and instability of mobile network also prevent mobile users from playing mobile games.

2. The mobile games are very similar with each other. Developers do not value brand building and cultivating new players but simply copy each others’ popular games, which disappoints the mobile users.

3. China’s mobile games revenue has reached 277 million RMB in Q2, 2011, with a sequential growth rate of 8.42%. The rising speed has also slowed down due to mobile internet users’ scale.

Analysys International found that the mobile market will be even crueler for late-comers, as the channel resources are becoming monopolized. While from the perspective of industry development, mobile gaming companies should not simply depending on high ARPU, which is not enough for a sustainable development. The most important thing for them now is to enlarge their user base and keep them for further development.

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