Analysys: 2011China web game market size will be over 5 billion Yuan

July 5. news. From the analyze data which released by Enfodesk we can see that the Chinese web game market size is reached 1.027 billion Yuan in the first quarter of 2011.Because of the transition from the traditional Internet service providers to “platform”, the growth rate of web game market is accelerated.

Some platforms, such as Tencent, BaiDU ,Thunder and 360 began to increase investment. The users of web game are increasing obviously. During the spring festive, the ARPU was increased. At the end of first quarter of 2011, a lot of new web game was published constantly. We expected the 5 to 10 rankings will be changed and the whole market will continue increasing 10%.

The Analysis International expected that Chinese web game market will continue increasing in 2011 and the web game market size will be over 5 billion Yuan.

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