Yuzhu Shi: Russian game industry

July 20, 2011

Yuzhu Shi, the president and CEO of Giant, had recently ended his 10 days’ trip in Russia and claimed that Russia’s online game industry is in a rapid development stage.

Shi has not revealed the trip’s purpose. But from his microblog we can find that he went to visit Saint Petersburg and other cities with Chuanzhi Liu (Lenovo CEO) and Lun Feng (Vantone CEO) etc.

However, Shi has showed his interest in Russia’s game industry. While in Russia, Shi was excited by the news that Giant’s ZT Online had reached 1.26 million peak concurrent users.

He said:”In China, a MMORPG game with 400,000 players can survive 10 years as long as game contents have nothing to do with teenagers. ”

Public information shows that Russia is ZT Online’s first overseas market. In October 2009, Giant announced that ZT Online’s Russian version must be operated by Astrum Nival.

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