Twisted Metal Hitting North America February 14

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that Eat Sleep Play developed car combat game Twisted Metal will be released on February 14 in North America, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 platform. Originally set for an October 2011 release, the game is the eighth installment in the series of the same name.

The game focuses heavily on multiplayer combat, including various online game modes with up to 4 player split-screen and 16-players online. For example, the Nuke Mode is a new online game mode where you choose a faction to play against an opposing faction. In this mode, each faction has a giant metal statue that is being held in the air by a helicopter, which the opposing team must try to destroy. In order to destroy these statues, the player must abduct the enemy team’s leader, then sacrifice the leader to a missile launcher that will, in turn, launch a nuclear missile. The person who sacrifices the leader and launches the missile has to control it to hit the opposing teams statue in the air. In order to win the opposing team has to repeat the process 3 times before the statue is destroyed for a team to win. Four factions have been revealed so far: the Clowns, the Dolls, the Skulls, and the Preachers. The former having been announced as being inspired by Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal series) and Dollface (Twisted Metal: Black) respectively. The latter are assumably led by Mr. Grimm (Twisted Metal series) and The Preacher (Twisted Metal: Black) respectively.

New selectable vehicles in the game include Reaper (a motorcycle, likely Mr. Grimm’s), Roadboat (a car that looks similar to a Mitsubishi Eclipse), Death Warrant (a fifth-generation Ford Mustang), Vermin (a rodent catcher van), an 80’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Meat Wagon (a medical 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Combination Car, which closely resembles Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1) and Talon (a helicopter). The game will, of course, have Sweet Tooth’s iconic ice cream truck, which transforms into a mecha-robot for its special, similar to Sweet Tooth’s special in Black. Axel (a vehicle consisting of two giant wheels) also returns as a pre-order exclusive. Junkyard Dog also returns. Drivers and cars seem to be interchangeable in this game. The existence of Reaper hints at the likelihood of customizable cars/drivers. This is further hinted at in another interview with David Jaffe. New weapons include Sniper Rifle and Shot Gun. Each car now has two specials (as opposed to other TM games, which have only one per vehicle)

Eat Sleep Play may have provided more information about what is to be implemented into the new installment of the franchise during the Sweet Tooth Tour in Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition, when unlocking certain information about the history and developments of previous TM games. On feature 18/29 the developers state that the touring mode was to have been incorporated in Twisted Metal: Harbor City, a.k.a. Twisted Metal: Black II, which was to have both Sweet Tooth and Preacher playable and have a full interactive game mode. Of course, this was scrapped as TM:HC was never finished. But in an interesting note, in feature 18/29 they explain how the mode was to work and going on into the traps and end the paragraph with "Enjoy! We won’t go so easy on you next time!". Thus, giving a possible hint that this mode could very well be implemented in the next Twisted Metal game for the PlayStation 3.


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