Tencent first exclusive agent iOS game The Three Kingdom TD

The Tencent first 3rd party cooperation iOS game The Three Kingdoms TD – Wei history will launch in Apple App Store in the coming week. This is a new signal which suggests the Tencent is begun to contend for Chinese smartphone market.

The players can purchase virtual items and heroes in this game. what’s amazing is that players need to use QQ credits to purchase virtual items and heroes in this game . As is well known, The Apple are always unfriendly to those apps which using  non-Apple pay channels.

The Three Kingdom TD is a unique TD games based on war stories from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. There are a lot of TD-themed mobile game and online game was published in China and Korea in this year.

The Three Kingdom TD was developed by Astepgame .Astepgame is headquartered in Beijing and it focus on mobile game developing. For now ,Astepgam has two apps in Appstore.

Except The Three Kingdom TD, another app is called “Game Hall”, which related with mobile game information and discount information.

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