Tencent acquires Blade and Sword OL 2 from Pixel Soft, to be tested in August

July 29, 2011

News from China Joy shows Tencent has acquired Pixel Soft’s 3D Fighting Game Blade and Sword OL 2. The game’s 1st closed beta goes in the end of August. Tencent’s vice president Xiaotie Ma plans to bring Blade and Sword OL 2 to the TGA and relevant competitions are being prepared.

Blade & Sword 2 was developed under 3D engine, and is a MMOARPG which reserves the unique feature of the series of Blade & Sword, so the game focuses more on the action part in battles. The Blade and Sword series is always paid attention by players, especially its fluent and invigoration battle system.

Tencent then exclusively sets a demo experience zone in its booth for the game. This is the 2nd co-operation for Tencent and Pixel Soft, their 1st co-operation has made the Journey to Fairyland’s success in China market, 2005.

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