Taomee will invest in 1,000 series cartoon in the next 5 years

Taomee CEO Haibing Wang

Taomee listed 2 days its share price just like “roller coaster” . The first day down 8.56%, the second day rose 24.06%, I think investors must have a good heart, risk also is opportunity.Taomee is a very successful company, their products have dominated the Kid’s game market over several years in china, many parents have felt the impact of Taomee to their children. Its stock price reaction their influence.

Taomee CEO HaiBing Wang said “I do not think short-term fluctuations in stock prices will affect the company long-term”, Taomee will invest in 1,000 series cartoon in the next 5 years.

Taomee’s flagship game SaiErHao(Seer)

Develop rich derivatives is very important for Taomee. Kids have no ability to pay,and many Chinese parents don’t want to pay for the children to play games . It be considered bring a bad influence for children’s education. Earn-point change to derivatives is wise decisions for Taomee.

1000 series cartoon is a big investment. In fact, the cartoon which be broadcast on TV will not bring scale income, but it will be a big advertisement for Taomee’s products for several years. It can help increase sales of derivatives and games. The sale of boxed DVD and books is profitable. The risk is how much the threat of piracy.

Taomee got  second and seventh of Top10 webgame in china, first is Tencent

Tencent is the biggest competitor of Taomee in China.Tencent also have this mind like Taomee. Tencent also decided to invest in the game’s cartoon and film . The most popular Kid’s online games is Tencent’s Locke Kingdom replaced Taomi’s SaiErHao(Seer) now.

Despite the threat, but there is still tremendous opportunity for Taomee. Because Chinese Kid’s market is too big which is always lack of good product. Tencent’s business is too hugh now which will affect their decision-making.

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