Samsung Captures Over 60 Percent of 3D TV Market

Samsung Electronics America Inc. said it commands 60% market share in the United States for 3DTV sales, citing third-party data from The NPD Group.

The company is dominating the sale of both LED and plasma 3D sets in the U.S, with a 61% share of the unit and dollar volume in its most recent reporting period, which was between May 22nd to June 18th, 2011.

The data builds on Samsung’s success in April to May period, when Samsung had more than 50% of the market.

In a recent consumer study, The NPD Group found that awareness of LCD 3DTVs increased to 36% in February from 28% in September 2010. Consumer awareness for plasma 3DTVs rose to 32% from 21%, with 3D Blu-ray player awareness rising to 26% from 15%.


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