Report: 3D TV Popularity to Decline in UK

Fewer than half of the 11 million 3DTV-ready homes in the UK in 2016 will be active and regular users of 3D TV content,according to research from Informa Telecoms & Medi.

By 2016, a mere 42 per cent of 3DTV owners will be actually watch 3D content, the research says.

However, the firm still believes that the majority of television sets will include some form of 3D technology – although it will be more of a feature than a selling point.

“Irrespective of existing public demand for 3D, major set manufacturers increasingly see 3D capability as a feature that they must include in their sets, or the perception will be that rival manufacturers are producing a technically-superior product (with 3D included),” said Informa Telecoms & Media’s Adam Thomas.


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