Neoact to announce China’s operator for Dota type Chaos Online on Chinajoy

July 25, 2011

Korean game company Neoact will join the 2011 Chinajoy with its Dota type Chaos online and announce China’s operator for the game. As Neoact’s third DotA online game after HON and LOL in China, Chaos OL adapts Warcraft3’s classic maps. Chaos OL has a large user base in South Korea. Now the game has more than 3 million players and hundreds of professional teams. Every year there are over 8 large e-sports competitions related to Chaos OL.

Shanda’ GameABC Group will hold a press conference in Shanghai on July 26. Holdfast will announce some big news on the conference and it is believed it may have something to do with Chaos OL.

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