Microsoft VS Google on the auction of Nortel Patent

January 2009, Nortel, a once mighty Canadian network equipment maker that filed for bankruptcy protection. There are more than 6,000 patents and patents applications belonging to Nortel, which is ready for the dinner. Microsoft and Google is fighting for the auction The auction — for patents covering wireless, data and optical networking, voice, Internet, semiconductors and other technologies — is due to take place later on June.

Google has bid $900 million to buy those applications, and Microsoft units HP and Nokia in a group with strong ambition.

Under the sales term. it will likely face competing bids from many of the world’s largest tech companies, Google would be given the right to terminate existing agreements.

Microsoft announced that all agreements "must remain enforceable against the purchasers of the transferred patents." HP and Nokia stands at the same line with Microsoft and file objections to the terms of the sale.

Whoever finally won the competition, it may change the market forever.


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