[IMPORTANT NOTE]: The preparations for app access to Qzone

July 8, 2011

Dear every developer:

The work of entire platform accessing in Tencent open platform will begin; in order to coordinate with entire platform accessing .We inform all developers begin preparing the first step for entire platform accessing: the app access to Qzone.

Related app: all apps which passed review (game and non-game) and all on-line apps (close Beta and recommended)

Access Process:

Will use electronic processes, the entrance will be announced in recent, please pay close attention to e-mail notification.

1. Submitting the introduction, icons and other basic information of your app, and white list of QQ number

2. Product Manager of Tencent reviews it

3. The developers apply for equipment and resources by themselves through app console.

4. Tencent opening Qzone OpenAPI permissions

5. The developers debugging and testing through white list of QQ

6. The developers submit on-line applications through process systems

7. Product Manager of Tencent reviews it.

8. App formally launched.

Special Note:

If your application is the recommended app in Tencent Friends, after access to the QQzone your app is still the recommended app.

I am a developer, what I do now?

When you receive this notice, please begin preparations for the following:

1:Debugging Qzone OpenAPI:

The close beta app of QQ Friends accessing to Qzone, you have no need to pay debugging fees


For inquiries, please contact the business QQ: 800013811 OPENAPI support

2 Completing data exchange between Qzone and QQ Friends


For inquiries, please contact the business QQ: 800013811.

3 If all is ready, accessing to Qzone when process system launched ( the entrance is about to launch, please pay close attention to e-mail notification.)

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