Google Acquires Zave Networks

Google on last Friday acquired Zave Networks, a company founded in 2006 and devoted to digitizing coupons and loyalty reward progams.

"When we had the opportunity to join Google," Team Zave Networks stated on, "we felt it was the perfect fit for our company and the perfect opportunity to rapidly drive the deployment and use of our platform to the next level."

According to the Zave Networks website, the first implementation of its technology, Zavers, saw early success with its first users and throughout this year will be expanding into more than 1,500 stores across the country. And in January, Zave Networks partnered with IBM, the retail point of sale system market leader, to become an integrated part of IBM’s flagship SurePOS ACE application.

Lately, Google has been digging its heels into the coupon and deals space. In 2010, the company offered daily deals giant Groupon $6 billion to absorb the company. When Groupon declined, Google started its own deals feature, Google Offers.

Financial terms of the deal was not disclosed.



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