Weekly Report (7.04-7.10)

GameLook Weekly Review

There was a lot of news about Tencent last week. Tencent’s VP once said that Tencent would step into an investment period. In the first half of this year, it put much money in games, group shopping, online traveling and movies & TV. Each investment was over US$10 million. Besides, it was quite a shock to know that Tencent invested Kingsoft.

Tencent’s open platform strategy is worth our attention, but Tencent’s investment partners deviate from its open strategy. It seems that strategic cooperation should be built based on a deeper sharing of interest.

Tencent began to introduce social games into Qzone last week. We have got an understanding of the current Tencent platform that hostile competition and mutual reports among developers are frequently seen. The competition is really fierce for developers to bring their games into Qzone successfully.

Chinese social game companies successively launched new games on the overseas social sites last week, most of which had been released in China. Except some large listed companies, other companies have licensed overseas publishers to operate their social games.

As GameLook published news about Chinese social games and disclosed some info about controversial shareholder structures and intellectual property-related issues, which could hardly be reported objectively by Chinese media, many game companies asked GameLook to delete relevant info.

Thunder’s upcoming IPO is quite notable. Thunder has a large number of users, but it hasn’t fully developed its game business. Now it is throwing itself into game business actively.


Internet Market for Children Needs Strict Supervision

Tabletop Game Legend of Immortal to Enter Market on July 9th

Tencent Acquires 15.68 % of Kingsoft in Strategic Investment

The9 To Be Operator of PlanetSide 2 in China

Shanda will hold 2011ALLSTAR during Chinajoy: nine new online games debut

The Thunder will spend $20 million to purchase operating license of games

Kingsoft Appoints Leijun as Chairman

NetEase launched iTownSDK game development competition: total prize money reached 1 million Yuan

NetEase announced the price of StarCraft II monthly card will cut 50% in July

NetDragon Revamps Its Dungeon Keeper Title Today

The9 get the right agent of 2D casual game Adventures in Wonderland

The Thunder will be sale 10 million dollars stock to SOHU

The Giant announced the PCU of Journey is reached 1.26 million

The Transformers Online is expected to begins its first closed beta test in early August

Giant first give its sole agency of MMORPG to other Chinese game company

Changyou announced Duke of Mount Deer will opening open beta test on July 22.

NetDragon Launching Turkish Version of Conquer Online


[IMPORTANT NOTE]: The preparations for app access to Qzone

Perfect World Entertainment’s Facebook Game Perfect Getaway to Enhance Promotion

Rekoo has released a new social game on Mixi

Tencent change its Chinese name to “PengYou”

The comparison between Zynga and EA

Dream² Little Ninja launched in Facebook by GamBunny


CyberAgent acquired 25% of mobile game maker EpicForce

MocaWorld CEO Discloses Tencent Occupies 85% of the Wireless Internet Market

Angry Birds will launch on China Mobile Market

China Mobile MM app store hits 360 million downloads

Alibaba Cloud Computing is working on the development of a new mobile operating system

Sinofriends will invest 200 million Yuan in MiYou in the next three years.

Tencent first exclusive agent iOS game The Three Kingdom TD


Linekong Plans to Launch Four Web Games

Changyou’s DDTank to End Service on and 9You

Dream² Little Ninja launched in Facebook by GamBunny


Eedoo plans to launch its iSec console in Q4


Analysys: 2011China web game market size will be over 5 billion Yuan

Nielsen: Games Most Popular Mobile App Category in US

Flurry:Free-to-play Revenue Overtakes Premium Revenue in the App Store

Gartner:Worldwide Video Game Spending Will Exceed $74B in 2011

App stores’ direct revenue to exceed $14 billion next year and reach close to $37 billion by 2015

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GameLook Today: Social Game in China

GameLook Today:Japan VS China

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GameLook Today:Everybody is opening in China

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Game Portal Introduced Strategic Investors

Liqing Zeng, the first majority shareholder of Taomee,was being taken away to assist in the investigation

Voice chat tool YY established a partnership with Snail Game

EA announced that EA Taiwan will be merged with EA Hong Kong

The9 decides not to attend this year’s ChinaJoy pre-sell tickets of ChinaJoy on July 1

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