Facebook Launches Subscribe Button

Facebook today is rolling out a key new feature: a one-way follow model called Subscriptions.

Users will be able to decide if they want to see all updates from their friends, most updates, or just important updates, such as a friend announcing an engagement or a new job. It also gives users the option to block posts about games, which should be welcome news to thouse who complain about Facebook spam.

The subscribe function also incorporates even more features that seem to be influenced by Google’s new social network,that it was making it simpler to put friends into groups. Now, as on Google+ or on Twitter, users can follow other’s profiles without needing to become friends with them. Anyone who enables the Subscribe button will give others the option to view tweets they’ve marked as “Public.”

Facebook says the feature will appeal to anyone looking to reach a broader audience, like journalists, artists, and political figures. To start sharing your own posts publicly, head to the new tab beneath your profile photo that says Subscriptions. Click it, and you’ll have the option to broadcast your public updates to anyone who has subscribed to you. Note that you’ll only syndicate updates that are marked Public; updates shared with Friend Lists won’t be seen by your subscribers.


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