Eighty Million USB 3.0 Device to Ship in 2011

Market research group In-Stat forecasts that close to 80 million devices will be shipped in 2011.

"The primary story for USB in 2010 was the emergence of the SuperSpeed standard. 2011 should be a much bigger year for the technology, especially in mobile PCs," said market researcher In-Stat.

These chipsets will sit alongside the recently launched A-Series processors, which AMD claims will make their way into more than 150 laptop and desktop designs in 2011. And Intel plans to include USB 3.0 support in its 7-Series Panther Point chipset, due sometime during the first half of 2012 alongside its 22nm Ivy Bridge processors.

This year, Intel, along with Apple, began supporting an alternative high-speed standard called Thunderbolt.


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