COG will present at Gstar with nearly 10 games including ‘Soul of Iron’ and ‘War of Glory’

G-star will be open on Nov 10, 2011 at Busan. COG, as the professional platform for publishing China’s top online games, will present at Gstar BTB exhibition area with 8 games such as ‘Soul of Iron’ and ‘War of Glory’ to end the world tour of 2011.

Gstar attracts a lot of exhibitors for its magnificent scale and unique business opportunies. e. This year 380 companies from 28 countries all over the world will be engaged in the Gstar. And all the exhibition booths have been reserved before September. It is the second year for COG to join the exhibition. Comparing to former years, the product line becomes more various. Besides the well-known ‘War of Glory’, ‘Three Swordsmen’, ‘Miracle Continent’, ‘Soul of Iron’ and‘King of Swordsman’, which are signed by COG recently, will present their debut at Gstar.

Half of the products exhibited at Gstar by COG this time are web or cross-platform games, which are much different from the exhibited games in June’s E3. According to COG, the order demanding now and abroad publisher obviously prefer 3D web-games. Therefore COG also adjusts the strategy in selecting products. The associate general manager of COG, Xiayun Mo, said until last year the web-game export didn’t match the GDP created by domestic web-game. So in the near future, the game exporting will incline to web-game so that the entire web-game export will account for above 50% of China’s online game export.

The game export emerges in the recent years as it becomes the important part of Commercial Department’s culture export. After Chinajoy this year, COG has signed for about 5 million dollars and authorized 4 client-games and 3 web-games. The quality of exhibited games in Gstar this time are great, especially‘Soul of Iron’ and ‘Three Swordsmen’.

COG’s Exhibition Booth: BTB C03-C08


Client-game—‘War of Glory’, ‘Project M’, ‘Three Swordsmen’, ‘King of Swordsmen’ and ‘Soul of Heroes’

Web and cross-platform game— ‘Miracle Continent’, ‘Land of Fantasy Pets’,‘Soul of Iron’ and ‘Fantasy of Warcraft’ .

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