Analysts: ZT Online 2 will not affect ZT Online

July 19, 2011

Giant Interactive (NASDAQ: GA), an online game developer and operator in China, has launched a new MMORPG, ZT Online 2. Analysts have discovered that ZT Online’s players reaching 1.26 million, which proved to be one of the most popular MMORPGs in China.

This February, Giant officially announced ZT Online 2 to be its “the best of the newest” while releasing the revenues of Q4 2010 and 2010. Giant has invested 500m RMB on ZT Online 2 in the past year. The game is being under closed beta test, and it is estimated that it already has 300,000 players, which is very impressive.

ZT Online’s 1.26 million players is not a coincidence. Giant has been working on its “Plan-Z” for half a year and it is about to start. One of “Plan-Z”’s core projects is to spend 100m RMB on ZT Online to consolidate its position in 2D MMORPGs.

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